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Erin Bouchard brings the perfect mix to the child welfare system. She holds a degree in Counseling and has worked as both a child and youth worker and family support worker. She's been a foster parent for the last eleven years. Together with her husband, they have adopted from the foster care system.

She's passionate about helping your audience feel validated and understood on their journey. But her goal is to help them learn more about early trauma and attachment so they can manage and interpret their child's behaviours in an effective way.

She's available to speak at your next event, conference or lead your next virtual training.


Trauma . Attachment . Hope . Connection . Felt Safety

1. How the Narrative of Foster Care is Damaging 

2. Early Trauma or Mis-Behaviour? 

3. Understanding & Managing Your Child's Spiral

4. Connection Strategies for Each Age & Stage.

5. Pivoting Your Parenting Strategies for the Teen Years.


"I learned many things about trauma parenting from Erin's teachings that I didn’t know yet, and particularly how much hope there is for growth and stability, even if the early months/years are hard."

"Honestly, my biggest takeaway from doing Erin's training was just knowing that the behaviors we deal with are very common and we’re not alone in this"

"I have taken a number of different trainings that are trauma-informed, but this was such a great refresher. My biggest takeaway from Erin's trauma training was just reminding myself that I need to stay regulated so I can help my children regulate."

"I think my biggest take away from the whole week is the clear vision of what the spiral is in terms of trauma for my kiddo. I fought the idea for so long that "trauma" was the reason behind my boy's behavioral outbursts. I truly believed that because he was in a safe home, had food l, a bed, love and security that he would automatically feel better and the behaviors would seize. Boy, was I wrong. In the 6 years that he's been in my care, I finally understand. His trauma is so deep and unknowingly so many things would set him into spiral and most of them I still don't understand. We have been working on feelings identity, building better coping skills, communicating, and staging more recognizable strategies to bring the spiral back down. This training gave me the practice and reminders of how to keep gaining stability."

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