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Where to turn when it feels overwhelming...

On day two of National Foster Care month we are encouraged to share our favourite resources.

If you haven't read my article that was featured on Love What Matters click here to do so.

In this article, I talk about how overwhelming it felt trying to get my adopted son help when his behaviour escalated. We felt like we were on a hamster wheel and had no way to get off.

It can feel hard to find local and reputable resources when you are in the thick of it.

So here's a few we found helpful:

- circle of security - this video has a great explanation of what this concept.

- The Connected Child book

- 1-2-3 Magic book on discipline

- Foster the Family facebook group

Because we struggled to find help, I'm on a mission to help other foster mamas find community. Every Wednesday evening at 8:30pm I go live on my FB page, covering a variety of topics related to Foster + Adoption. You can like that page here to get notifications when I go live.

Once a month, I'm going to be starting a Talk it Out Tuesday. I found it helpful to have someone to talk through things that we were going for. Maybe to get some advice, but mostly just to be able to externally process what was happening.

This will be on zoom and you will need to register to attend. You can email me questions ahead of time or ask them in the chat when you join the call. Come for 10 minutes or the full hour. Whatever you need at the time. Click here to register.

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