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Are you struggling with unwanted behaviours from your foster or adoptive child?


Did you know that It is estimated that approximately 90-percent of children in foster care have experienced a traumatic event, with nearly half reporting exposure to four or more types of traumatic events.


If you’re like most foster and adoptive parents you are looking for a quick fix for your child’s frustrating behaviours like raging, lying, stealing, manipulation and more.


The secret to dealing with your child’s most frustrating behaviours isn’t in traditional parenting. The solution lies in understanding their early trauma. You see when you start understanding the early trauma and it’s impacts on your child, you will begin to see a change in their behaviours.


And that’s why I created this 5 day challenge for foster and adoptive parents.


* You’ll learn about early trauma so you can understand your child better.

* You’ll learn about connection so you can overcome unwanted behaviours.

* You’ll understand how to change your approach to parenting so you can stop spinning your wheels and move beyond overwhelm.


How does the 5 day challenge work?


  1. Register now by clicking here: https://bit.ly/lessbehaviours

  2. Join our closed FB group for the challenge.

  3. Receive daily emails with the videos from June 28th-July 2nd.

  4. Engage in the groups and ask any questions you have as you move through the daily videos.